Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 24: What is up?

Welcome again.

Snow's finally clear from the sidewalks and back parking area. I am running out of places to put it.

I've got my first book event! Manchester Community College (the one in New Hampshire) will be holding a prelaunch book signing on March 3, 2014, 1-3 pm. I've got Price of Vengeance ready to go and am anxiously anticipating the event. I will be signing books, reading excerpts, etc. Sadly, this event won't be open to the general public as MCC will be in session. Still, it's a start. Don't worry, I will be expanding my horizons if the snow ever gives me a break.

What's happening on the writing front?

Well, book 2, the Promise of Mercy is going through revisions. Parts of chapter one may have to be sacrificed as it is still bogging down. Mark Twain always used to complain that his wife made him take out his favorite parts. It takes place 25 years after Price of Vengeance. Liam's daughters have just finished their advanced training in the Finnian Shock Force. It involves high orbital drops. (BTW Deirdre, Aisling, and Bayvin are identical triplets. My brother asks why I would do that to the poor guy. :-)) It will also introduce his teenage son, Aidan, and his bear-lizard best friend, Ted.

I'm letting book 3, Gift of Peace, lie fallow for a bit. It takes place twelve years after Promise of Mercy. Aidan is now a pilot in the Alliance Unified Fleet.

I am in the process of creating two more novels in the Dreamscape Warrior series. In Mark of Courage I am going back 600 years to explore the origins of the Finnian. I'm also working on a novel that takes place between Price of Vengeance and Promise of Mercy. For those who like volume number, consider it volume 1.5. Its working title is Legacy of Valor. Please note, these are working titles and are subject to change.

Finally, my website is up. My brother, Gary did a great job with it. Take a look. Don't forget to like it.

That's it for now.

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