Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome to my Author Blog.

Welcome to my Author Blog. Here I plan to post events, how things are going with my writing, important dates, etc.

For those of you who might have wandered in here by accident rather than design, Welcome anyway. My name is Kurt D. Springs. I am a science fiction author. My first book is scheduled for an official launch date of April 22, 2014. However, I am planning prelaunch events that will be announced as they are finalized.

The book, Price of Vengeance, is currently available at Tate Publishing's website, if you are can't wait for it to show up at your normal book purchasing website.

Price of Vengeance is a Dreamscape Warrior Novel that takes place 1000 years into the future (give or take) on a planet called Etrusci. It is the story of Liam, foster son of Marcus and Lidia. Liam was orphaned at the age of two and a half by giant carnivorous insects called chitin. High Councilor Marcus and his wife, Lidia, adopted him and raised him with their older son Randolf. As an adult, Liam joined the Neo-Etruscan security forces as a soldier.

Liam is cut off from the city by an explosion that cracks his ribs. He discovers that their is an intelligence behind the chitin and a traitor inside the city. Upon his return, he finds that his beloved foster parents have been murdered under the orders of the traitor who was also responsible for the death of his birth parents. His quest for vengeance may cost him more than he realizes as he approaches his final confrontation.

If you want to download the Prologue and Chapter 1 just click the following link. Price of Vengeance-Teaser.

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