Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crystal Collier Cover Reveal for Soulless

Hi all,

I am doing something new with my website. I agreed to host a cover reveal. To be accurate, I agreed to be one of the hosts to the afore mentioned cover reveal.

Crystal Collier did me the honor of asking to host the cover reveal of Soulless, part of her Maiden of Time series. The cover art is absolutely gorgeous. My brother, Gary, who administers my website for me (I'm hopeless with html.), did a wonderful job with her reveal page, in my humble opinion. We had to tweak it a little today after someone tweeted an announcement that attributed the book to me. It was an easy mistake. Gary rectified the situation. He undid the master page and put her picture and information at the top. Then we added her name prominently in the link from my home page.

Crystal Collier lives in Florida with her family. Her first book, Moonless, is available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, iBook, as well as other retailers.

The review I wrote back in December 2013 is as follows:

Crystal Collier's novel, Moonless, is set in 1768. Alexia is a girl who is different. Everything changes when she turns sixteen. She finds that she is more than human. Abilities start to manifest, starting with the ability to see the future. She is haunted by a man with deep blue eyes, creatures with red eyes, and a young, vicious girl.

It starts out a little confusing, but soon settles out and becomes a page turner as you get into it. Crystal Collier keeps the plot tight, though handling the subplots can be a little shaky at times.
I know I am anxiously waiting for October when the sequel, Soulless is released.

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